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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced DJ you can improve your DJ skills today with my DJ tips.

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Learn the basics, become an expert and avoid common DJ mistakes. Check out the fundamentals of how to be a DJ and why you should learn to beatmatch.

We’ve got tricks on how to improve your DJing skills, Learn advanced DJ mixing techniques and how to create an epic DJ setlist.

We’ve also reviewed the best Online DJ courses that are perfect for you.

Welcome to my DJ tutorial website

DJ Top Tips is a place for any DJ whether you’re just starting out or pro DJ.

With 20+ years DJ experience I wanted to share my DJ tips on every aspect of the business. I know there are many questions beginners have and even after all these years I’m still learning. So there’s plenty here for experienced DJs too.

There’s a lot of DJ sites on the internet but they often only tell half the story on any given subject. I wanted to go one further.

On DJ Top Tips you’ll find plenty of definitive guides to hardware purchasing, detailed how-to guides on improving your DJ sets. Lots of useful tips on making a career from DJing as well as how to look after both your DJ gear and yourself.

I even have a free gift for you and a professional loops pack you can download today too!

DJ top tips

How to DJ Guides

We’ve got everything from What a DJ does and learning the basic DJ skills to getting more DJ gigs, promoting your brand. 

If you’re thinking of Starting a mobile DJ business or looking for resident gigs in nightclubs how to get DJ gigs at music festivals, we’ve got you covered. You can also learn how to create a DJ portfolio too and get more gigs.

If you’re wondering where to download acapellas for DJing and what licences and insurance you might need.

Read our professional DJ checklist, how to DJ Drum and Bass or How to mix Deep House. Read our latest tutorials on how to DJ EDM. Learn how to mix with keys in our Harmonic mixing guide and how to read the crowd when DJing.

You can also DJ with Tidal music streaming and find out how to DJ with Amazon Music or learn how to be a better wedding DJ too.

Find if you can DJ with Spotify or DJ with Apple Music or How to DJ with Soundcloud too. You can even learn to DJ on Instagram live or how to livestream your DJ sets on Tiktok. Learn how to DJ on Facebook Live or host your own DJ Zoom Parties.

We’ve even got health advice for DJs like how to prevent a bad back and how to protect your ears when DJing.

DJ gear reviews and advice

Make an educated choice by reading my definitive guides to purchasing DJ equipment. The latest trends in DJing hardware and software.

How to buy the right DJ mixer for you. Decks, controllers and much more. Comparing Serato Vs Traktor DJ software and hardware. Learn how to get the keys of songs and how to DJ on Twitch.

We’ve also looked how you can DJ with just a laptop and also how to DJ without headphones like some famous DJs do.

If you want to mix multiple genres we’ve got you covered. We’ve just added a full guide to the best DJ setup for kids and why Pro DJs prefer MacBooks to Windows laptops.

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