Where to download music for DJing?

The best DJ music pools reviewed

Whether you’re new to the DJ scene or already established, finding reliable and up to date sources to download DJing music and samples is essential to success.

There are so many online DJ pools, DJing music libraries and streaming music services for DJs to use, how do you pick the best one for you?

We’ve put together the definitive list of what we think are the best DJ pools available today. From the mainstream to the niche, we cover them all so you have all the facts.

So lets get stuck in!


Where to download DJ Music

Why use online music libraries for DJs

Download music to DJHaving worked on the scene as a professional DJ for many years, I’ve seen various movements and changes within the industry, as well as the development and growth of numerous online resources to support DJs, particularly as the industry has moved further towards digital creation.

When I was starting out, finding the tracks I needed and keeping my inspiration fresh with new discoveries was time consuming with endless trips to the record store and hours of previewing vinyl and CDs.

Now, we’re spoilt for choice!

I intend this article to be a run through of some of the top DJ download platforms and record pools, to be as close to definitive as I can get, and to give you a clear overview of the resources out there and available on the scene.

From my experience in the industry, I also know that needs, and projects, can change. What works for you one year might develop or flux the next. But, knowing what’s out there – even if you don’t need it right this moment – can open your mind to further possibilities in the future.

That is what keeps us creative. Knowledge is power.

Having a number of online DJ sources to download from means you’ll have a wider range of DJ music and audio content to choose from. It also means you’ll never have to stress over not being able to find that perfect track version you’re looking for – if you know your platforms and pools and know where to look, you’ll know that if you can’t find it on one platform, you’ll find it on another!

So, where should you look to download the best music for DJing? Keep reading below to find our definitive list of the absolute ultimate music providers across the industry right now. We’ll be looking at established names and newcomers, both free and subscription based.

Where can you find your preferred DJing genre? Who hosts the best beats and loops? How can you find new music to DJ? What extras can subscription pools give you, and are they worth it?

Get comfy, and let’s take a look.


How to DJ with SoundcloudLet’s start with one of the big dogs. Synonymous with vast music streaming access and a creative community, Soundcloud is one of the first names we think of in the industry for new music sourcing.

Established in 2007 in Berlin, Germany, the platform has developed over the last 15 years to become a trusted mainstay for legal DJ downloads, and is renowned for supporting up and coming artists, and allowing creatives to directly upload their work to an open audience. Based in one of the most exciting cities for innovative, floor-filling music, there’s a lot we can take from Soundcloud’s platform.

With over 76 million users monthly and over 200 million tracks available, Soundcloud is one of the biggest platforms in music sharing, streaming and downloading. You can visit Soundcloud’s website here.

Searching for DJ music on Soundcloud

Downloads can be searched for via band, artists, track, or playlist, and available genres on the platform are almost endless – from house, pop, soundtracks, dancehall, trance, latin, and trance.

Platform exclusive playlists and high-demand playlists created by some of Soundcloud’s top creators – including Ross From Friends, Disclosure, and The Vaccines – make for an enviable audio catalogue, unrivalled  by providers elsewhere.

Subscription options

Soundcloud Go Plus Uk SubscriptionRun as a subscription service, £9.99 a month allows users entry level access with unlimited track download for offline listening, and access to an extensive catalogue of music – from mainstream hits to experimental audio.

The premium Soundcloud DJ subscription plan, from £19.99 a month, allows higher quality streaming and downloads, and further capability via its API to mix tracks within select compatible DJ apps.

Compatible applications include Pioneer DJ Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ, with AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA files supported.

Recommended DJs

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest tracks especially from lesser known artists then Soundcloud is great. You can follow your favourite producers and get as yet unofficially released tracks for your DJ sets. Great for club DJs and those that play specific electronic dance music genres.

Watch this video

You should definitely integrate soundcloud direct to your DJ software of choice. Here’s how to do it for the ever popular Rekordbox.


How to DJ with Spotify?Spotify is the world’s largest audio and music streaming and media services provider, with over 381 million monthly users, and 172 million paying subscribers.

It has launched numerous artists to success, and with its super user-friendly desktop- and app-based platform, and extensive, creative catalogues and playlists, is widely recognised as one of the best sources of music and audio for DJ downloads.

Spotify is available for free – but free access offers limited access to their libraries, with plenty of ads to boot. However, a £9.99 monthly subscription grants unlimited access to Spotify’s 70 million+ songs and 4 billion playlists, artist curated playlists, genre discovery playlists, and unlimited ad-free playback and offline listening.

How to DJ with Spotify?

tuneskit music converterWhile streaming itself is not available on Spotify, linking this platform up with additional software to download tracks to your computer is simple and can give you a vast library to work from.ViWizard Music Converter is readily downloadable and offers a free trial period, or and a lifetime license thereafter for just $50.

This application allows you to download any tracks available to you on the Spotify desktop app. With some pro software also supporting direct Spotify streaming, such as JQBX and Pacemaker, there are plenty of options for you to start accessing Spotify’s vast collection and developing something great.

We’ve written an extensive article on how to DJ with Spotify right here. It should be noted that legalities around DJing and streaming from Spotify are shifting fairly regularly, and you should look into their terms and conditions around your specific plans for using their music before going ahead to make sure you’re operating within the law.

Recommended DJs

If you’ve already invested heavily in using Spotify and want to keep with it then it can still be an option, although not ideal. There are no DJ apps that currently integrate with Spotify so its not the easiest solution to work with. Spotify is also more mainstream so is more suited to wedding and party DJs that club DJs.

Watch this video

Here’s a great video on whether Spotify is still the best place for the widest range of music. Worth a watch.

Apple Music

Can I DJ with apple music?Giants of industry with iTunes a household name, Apple relaunched their own platform back in 2015 with its new name Apple Music.

Apple Music is a music streaming service, which has developed to offer video and podcast libraries alongside since its inception.

The platform boasts over 72 million subscribers around the world, and over 90 million songs in its vast catalogue. As you might expect from a brand of this size, all genres are covered, alongside content exclusively available from Apple.

Subscription options

The Apple Music interface is sleek and intuitive, and accessible on every operating system you could think of – Mac OS, obviously, as well as Windows, Android, and a web player in beta via browser.

Subscription starts from £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year for a single license, or you can opt in for a family license if you want multiple user access at £14.99 a month.

If you’re studying and on a budget, just £4.99 a month will give you access to a student license – there’s no reason your lectures should stop you creating!

Once a subscription is purchased, users can stream music to their device on-demand, or listen to any of Apple Music’s numerous playlist – focused on mood, genre, similar artists, or curated by headlining Apple artists themselves.

The platform also includes three exclusive Internet radio station: Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country. These stations broadcast live to over 200 countries, 24 hours a day, and have been popular since their launch in 2015. DJ Zane Lowe leads Apple Music 1, so you can expect an eclectic blend of music from artists across the industry.

How to DJ with Apple Music

TunesKit audio converterAs with Spotify, you’ll need some additional software to link into to work with their libraries. Your first option is MegaSeg, a DJ-ing platform from Fidelity Media which finds a very clever workaround of Apple’s Digital Rights Management to work with their music for DJing purposes.

Instead of importing tracks from Apple’s platform, MegaSeg acts as an overlay to control your version of iTunes in playing, pausing, and cueing tracks. MegaSeg also has functionality to create loops, pitch bend and key lock.

Alternatively, you can use an application like ViWizard Audio Converter which also controls iTunes by converting the output from iTunes to downloadable file formats such as MP3. This is another work around a DRM loophole, and has a lot of functionality – even allowing batch conversion of entire collections. Another option similar to ViWizard is Noteburner which does much the same job.

Conversion of each track involves playing the track in full, so this isn’t a quick option! Anyone using this option would need to factor in the time and processing power needed for conversion.

Again, as with Spotify, it’s important to research the legalities around DJing, streaming, and downloading from Apple Music. Their terms and conditions can change regularly, and I’d strongly advise avoiding a rumble with their legal team!

Recommended DJs

Much like other large streaming platforms, this one is designed more at mainstream music lovers, so you’ll find less niche dance tracks here.

Never-the-less its vast library means it has something for everyone. Great for mobile DJs, mainstream club DJs, Wedding and party DJs. Just be careful with the legalities of downloading via 3rd party software.

Watch this video

For a general overview of Apple Music and a comparison with its competitors, watch this useful video.


NoisetradeProviding direct access to original music and audio from a wealth of distributors, Noisetrade (now owned by Paste Magazine) has been an excellent download provider since 2008.

The open community created with over 1.3 million users and distributors offers a rich network of cross-sharing that even the most established DJ can benefit from.

How to DJ with Noisetrade

Noistrade for DJsGenres covered in Noisetrade’s record pools are huge, and include content and audio created specifically for the platform. Phoebe Bridgers, Alabama Shakes, and Wilco have all created some incredible content at the Paste studio, new owners of Noisetrade, and access to this exclusive work really sets Noisetrade out as a great resource.

Surprisingly for a distributor of this scale, downloading from Noisetrade remains completely free, even after its takeover by PledgeMusic in 2016. All that’s needed for access is an email address and ZIP (post) code.

In turn, this information is used to add you to the Noisetrade mailing list, and gives your email information to artists you’ve downloaded from. This means you can be added to their own individual contact lists, which offers you great access to your favourite artists upcoming projects.

This wonderfully simple setup has proven successful for years, and proven a great space for trusted free downloads, and artistic networking. You can visit the Noisetrade section of Paste Magazine here.

Recommended DJs

While the library isn’t huge it is at least free and has an amazing range of artists publishing work there for others to use.

Its definitely not going to be your one stop shop for all your latest music needs but I highly recommend you sign up anyway.

Perfect for DJs looking for something different, on a tight budget or looking to add some more sources to your DJ pools.

Beat Junkies

Beat JunkiesThe Beat Junkies record pool is an institution in itself. Developed by the renowned Beat Junkies hip hop crew of DJs who know turntablism inside and out, their subscription-service record pool offers access to over 60,000 audio files from some of the most innovative and respected music across the scene.

DJ Klever puts it best: “The Beat Junkies doing a record pool is like Evel Knievel jumping the Grand Canyon on fire in reverse. Best shit ever!”

How to DJ with Beat Junkies

Beat Junkies catalogue is great for exclusive hip hop and funk remixes, alongside classic tracks, utilising the crew’s knowledge, passion, and networks since they founded in 1992.

Their extensive pool ultimately gives you plenty of scope, spanning several decades and with a wide range of genres. Oh, and being searchable by BPM is pretty handy, too. Check out the Beat Junkies website here.

Subscription costs

From just $35 a month, you can have access to legal downloads of original tracks, custom edits, and the most cutting edge work from artists across all genres. Downloads are unlimited at 320 kbps, and all files come complete with track title, artist, genre, BPM, and year of release – everything you need to develop the perfect project database.

If you’re feeling flush, a $360 annual subscription will give you access to all of the above, alongside a complimentary 1 month membership to beatjunkies.tv and their online DJ school, 25% of all products in their merchandise store, and a free beat junkies sticker pack. Everyone loves freebies!

Recommended DJs

Like Noisetrade this is one for the audiophiles and pro DJs looking for something different. The quality of the music here is top notch but the selection is limited. Its great for club DJs and festival DJs looking for loops, samples and unusual tracks to drop in to their mixes.

Watch this video

The Beat Junkies are great for tutorials and online lessons you can follow along to. They’ve even done live streams so you can learn to scratch mix. Check this live stream out.


Where to download music for DJingBeatport has offered downloads of full tracks and remix resources since 2005, and has a respected hold in the market.

Their genre offering is extensive – including deep dubstep, funky house, hard techno, deep tech, disco, techno, trance, trap, and garage. They have a deep back catalogue, as well as a wealth of new releases from all the major labels. Beatport is particularly trusted for electronic music genres and subgenres.

The Beatport DJ app also offers in-browser mixing of their catalog via web browser with links to plenty of additional plug-ins. Beatportal keeps you up to date with a broad range of content, articles, and reviews on advances in the scene, hot new artists, and the best new tech on the market.

Beatport Subscription options

Beatport websiteBeatport offers a no-contract subscription service – so you can cancel at any time. The entry-level subscription access, Cloud, comes in at $4.99 per month, offering unlimited downloads of purchased tracks, and full-track previews.

Next level access is offered at either $9.99 or $14.99, offering access to the DJ web app and mobile app, curated and cross platform playlists, and increasing access to hardware and software integrations – depending on your subscription level. The $14.99 option offers integration with rekordbox, Serato, Traktor Pro, Denon DJ, Numark Algoriddim djay, and Virtual DJ – to name only a few…

Their ultimate subscription offer, Link Pro, comes in at $29.99 a month. Link Pro offers all of the previous access features, plus advanced 256 kbps AAC streaming, an offline locker of up to 1000 tracks, and unlimited re-downloads of purchased tracks. It’s worth mentioning that all Beatport prices listed above are exclusive of tax, and free trials are available for most subscription packages.

Between the flexibility of subscription packages, the extensive hard- and software integrations and reviews, and custom platform playlists, Beatport is a top competitor for DJ audio downloads. Head over to the Beatport website here and sign up.

Recommended DJs

Beatport is a fantastic all-rounder for professional DJs. It’s s highly supported by the best DJ software in the business and its huge range of music means you’re bound to find something suitable here. Great for club DJs, festival DJs, mobile DJs, the works really. You’d be hard pressed not to be satisfied with Beatport’s offerings.

Watch this video

Beatport has a very well established YouTube channel and lots of videos from major and new artists featured as well as DJ mixes and interviews. They also integrate with all the major DJ apps. Watch this video for more on that.


DJ with TidalTIDAL is a Norwegian streaming service, offering audio, podcast, and video access via monthly subscription.

It sets itself apart from many other platforms in that it is co-owned by some of the biggest bands and artists, including Jay-Z; Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Jack White, Madonna, Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Martin, Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Jason Aldean, and J Cole.

The platform has distribution agreements with most major record labels, as well as many independent labels, as well as considerable exclusivity deals with proportions of Warner Music Group and MQA’s catalogue. Overall, TIDAL offers more than 70 million tracks and 250,000 music videos, all ad free – more than enough to work with.

Exclusive music on Tidal

When I mention exclusive content, their offering really is impressive: they had exclusivity on release for Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”, The White Stripes debut television appearance, and Daft Punk’s ‘Electroma’. Personally curated playlists from Jay-Z; Beyonce, Arcade Fire, and Coldplay have also featured, as well as Jay-Z’s catalogue until his 50th birthday.

TIDAL also regularly streams concerts live and on demand, including TIDAL X Brooklyn and the Made In America festival.

Tidal Subscription options

DJay with TidalTIDAL offers two levels of subscription service: TIDAL HiFi, and TIDAL HiFi Plus, at £9.99 and £19.99 a month respectively.

HiFi offers sound quality up to 1411 kbps (up to CD quality – FLAC-based 16-bit/44.1 kHz), full ad-free catalogue access, offline listening with unlimited skips, expert curated playlists, ability to track and share your listening habits, and access to TIDAL Connect Listen on supported devices.

HiFi plus offers all of the above with a higher sound quality, up to 9216 kbps (up to MQA – typically lossy 24-bit/96 kHz).

You also have access to innovative audio formats at this level – Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi. With Plus, you can also enjoy the fact that up to 10% of your subscription goes directly to payouts to your most listened to artists, and fan-centered royalties.

Whichever package you use, it’s also worth noting that you can import external playlists into TIDAL, and their streaming capability over 4G is purportedly more reliable than other platforms. Apps are available for Windows, Mac, and Android users, and their platform is compatible with Apple TV; Roku, CarPlay, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV which obviously aren’t much use to DJs but it just goes to show how much Tidal are pushing their service.

TIDAL is widely supported for DJs and their apps so this is where Tidal differs from other big players like Apple Music and Spotify. It has some great integration available with DJing software and hardware. Algoriddim djay, Serato DJ, and Rekordbox software is all available to integrate easily, while hardware integration options include Reloop MIXTOUR, Beatpad 2, Pioneer DDJ-400 and more. You can learn more about each individual platform’s integration capabilities and everything you need to know about DJing with Tidal here.

Djing with Tidal on RekordboxAs with some of the other platforms mentioned in this article, it’s important to check the legalities around using TIDAL for live DJing, whether you’re streaming or downloading their catalogue.

I’ve given an overview of their current terms and conditions in the article linked above, but remember things can change swiftly, and you are liable as an individual performer to know and work within the law if you are a commercial DJ.

Recommended DJs

Tidal is best known for its huge collection of hip hop music and its exclusive partnerships with major American artists. So if you’re in to hip hop and more mainstream music Tidal is perfect for you.

There’s not much in the way of deep house and other dance music genres here is Tidal is more for the masses.

So its better suited to Hip Hop and Scratch DJs as well as Wedding DJs and mobile DJs. If you’re looking for a mainstream music library thats widely supported for DJs Tidal is perfect for you.

Watch this video

Here’s a great video tutorial on setting up Tidal music streaming in a popular DJ app.


Bandcamp for DJsBandcamp is one of the largest online record stores and music communities, offering legal access to a huge range of music genres for fans and DJs, and ensuring artists are paid directly.

The platform’s original appeal was found in the independent access for artists, and closer contact for fans. The community this creates is enthusiastic, creative, and responsive – and you’re bound to find some inventive new releases and remixes from artists across all genres here.

As with any other platform, they have continued to respond reactively since their founding in 2008, and most digital files and download options are now supported. That said, they’ve also recognised the consistent passion for vinyl within fan communities and amongst DJs, and this allows even more space for creativity. If there’s one thing Bandcamp definitely has right, it’s a community-led, open access platform.

Bandcamp screenshot

Pay per track downloads and vinyl pressing

Creating a Bandcamp account is free, although tracks or albums must be purchased. Costs are set by the artists themselves. Downloads are offered in MP3 (LAME, 320k or V0), AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF. Thanks to Bandcamp’s vinyl-pressing service offered to uploading artists, you can also purchase music in physical form directly from artists in vinyl – as well as CD and cassette format – if that’s your style.

Access to your downloads is via browser or app. You can follow your favourite artists to keep up to date with their current projects and newest releases, while the customised music feed can lead you to some brand new discoveries. You can visit the Bandcamp website here.

Recommended DJs

If you’re curating special DJ sets for specific club or festival gigs then Bandcamp is excellent. Similarly if you’re a vinyl junkie (like me!) then its vinyl pressing service is quite frankly, amazing. While their collection isn’t huge its definitely a welcome addition to any music library service and one I highly recommend taking a look at.

Watch this video

Here’s more great reasons why Bandcamp deserves to be on this list.


DJ City music library for DJsDJCity is one of the leading music discovery and download platforms for DJs around the world. With their international reach, with powerhouses of record pools in the UK, US, Germany, Japan and Latin America, you can gain access to an incredible breadth of dance music.

DJCity is accessed via a monthly subscription, which opens up all five of their international catalogues.

Their fully optimised desktop and mobile apps enable the most efficient browsing, downloading, and mixing, whilst their extensive library offers exclusive releases from acclaimed producers and remixers that you won’t find anywhere else. DJCity’s integration with some of the best DJ software is impressive, too, with Serato, rekordbox, Traktor, and Virtual DJ all included.

How to use DJ City for DJs

Use of DJCity’s desktop and mobile is a breeze, thanks to a very simple, clear design – no wasted time trying to work out the interface, you can get straight to the music you want.

You can browse the latest additions to the pool from the main page, or look through their specially curated “top picks”, based on your previous download preferences.

DJ City music pool

If you prefer to search for exactly what you need, their advanced filter search options are a gem, and also allow you to filter by genre.

When it comes to genre options, there’s plenty to search through and be inspired by. DJCity specialises in radio and club music for DJs, including R&B, EDM, hip hop, reggae, twerk, trap, latin, house, and dancehall – and that’s just for starters. Subgenres and remixes are also worth exploring. Whatever you need, DJCity’s interface makes it simple to drill into their pools with minimal fuss, and save your focus for music creation. Visit the DJ City website here in a new tab.

Exclusive releases and services

DJ City exclusive tracksOn top of all that, DJCity also offers exclusive content and bonus features available to subscribers- including access to specially curated playlists to help you discover news artists, and an enhanced search function to help you filter down your results, or find the specific edit you need. Outside of  their download space, you can also find access to exclusive local and live streamed performances, interviews, and behind the scenes content, and tutorials from leading creators.

Recommended DJs

DJCity is great for serious dance music DJs looking for the latest and greatest loops, beats and tracks, with exclusive remixes you wont find on other download services. Because of this its great for club and festival DJs looking to spice up their sets.

Definitely a service you’ll want to spend some time browsing through and creating the best DJ sets manually before your gig.

What this video

DJ City has a very active YouTube channel. Check out this great video making use of all the great music available on their DJ pool and the amazing DJs making use of it too.

BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme DJ PoolBPM Supreme is one of the bigger record pool platforms, trusted internationally by DJs, producers, and creatives, and for good reason. Their broad back catalogue and simple access deliver all of the music you need in one dedicated source.

Established in 2006, they’ve developed an outstanding reputation across the industry, trusted by giants such as Numark, Roland, DJPro, and Serato, and top DJs and producers – including DJ Angelo, Vice, and the inimitable DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Having developed a trusted foundation in their record pools, they now also offer BPMCreate, where users can access a host of samples and soundpacks, with over 200,000 stems, effects, beats, loops, instruments, and more – royalty free.

The BPM Supreme record pools are continuously refreshed with new tracks and innovative new versions, all in high quality 320 kbps. Any genre you can think of is covered, from mid 70s through to today.

Song previews help you decide what will work for you, whilst their inbuilt visual waveform player will help you build sets. You can download track by track, or take the whole crate at once.

BPM Supreme also includes BPM Create featuring a huge collection of samples, loops and other music production assets you can make use of in your DJ sets for a truly unique sound.

BPM Supreme DJ Pool for Pro DJs

BPM Supreme subscription options

Standard and Premium subscriptions are both available for £9.99 for your first month, then £19.99 and £29.99 thereafter, respectively. Standard subscription offers access to BPMs state of the art app, track preview, waveform player, high quality audio downloads, and full crate access. You also have open access to your preferred version selection – clean, dirty, acapella, whatever you need!

Premium subscription buys you everything from the Standard subscription, plus specially curated playlists, the reassurance of backup with a cloud rescue space, and high quality streaming alongside high quality downloads. You can check out the BPM Supreme website here.

Recommended DJs

A fantastic DJ pool for dance music and hip hop DJs, there’s an immense amount of music available on BPM Supreme and their subscription packages offer great value to serious professional DJs. More suited towards club and festival DJs rather than mainstream but I’d urge all DJs to take a look at their offerings as there’s something for everyone here.

Watch this video

This is a must watch to understand the latest features of BPM Supreme


Soundclick DJ poolSoundclick provides a range of classic tracks, newly released tracks, beats and loops, from a broad community of independent creators and producers. They boast over 4.5 million songs, 530,000 bands and artists, and over 4.5 million registered members – so they’ve got a decent foothold.

Great for music producers and DJs

Listener accounts are completely free, and allow immediate download across their libraries – which for a catalogue of this extent is pretty impressive. Tracks are available to download at 160kbps, in WAV or AIF, ensuring your content is high quality, and secure. And, if you’re looking to upload your music for sale, their Gold Pro account comes in at only $15 a month, and allows song and album upload with 0% sales fees to Soundclick.

Founded in 1997, the platform’s community focus has developed a strong network of artists, DJs, and producers.

Alongside personal playlist curation, the space to download and share music, and the opportunity to tip creators you download content from, their social networking space is more prominent than other pools or platforms. With Soundclick, there is space to publish photos, videos, blogs, and even share user stations to nurture new connections and keep community at the heart of your content. Head on over to SoundClick’s website when you’re ready.

Soundclick DJ music library

Recommended DJs

While not as extensive as other DJ music libraries it does offer an impressive back catalogue of high quality artists. Coupled with the fact that you can listen for free and pick just the tracks you want, direct from the artists, means you’re helping support great musical talent in the best way possible.

Soundclick is great for curating special DJ sets so is worthy of a browse by all types of DJs. Maybe best suited to festival and club DJs but I’m sure there’s something for everyone here.

Which DJ pool should I use?

DJ pools for songs people loveSo, that’s my run down of the top DJ music libraries I’d recommend for downloading music for your next DJ gig. As you can see, there’s plenty of options out there, and many established and trusted providers to source from.

Whilst there are some excellent free options available, there can be some wonderful bonuses to take advantage of if you’re able to pay into subscription services – from higher download quality, to advanced software integrations, exclusive beats and loops, and access to member-only talks, content, and the newest releases. You get what you pay for.

Whatever your genre, you can also now see you can find whatever you’re looking for online – as long as you know which pool or provider has you covered. Take time to explore these options, as not all pools are created equal.

One platform’s genre offering may leave you uninspired, while another may meet you at exactly the right point for your next project, offering up the best content, loops, or beats to help you create your next big track. Personally I find subscribing to multiple music libraries is what gives me the full depth of music to produce the best DJ sets.

Which DJ music pool is right for you?

Ultimately, the best platform to use is going to be different for everyone. Whilst I can highlight the pros and cons, costs, and functionalities of the best of the leading platforms – the only way you’ll know which download platform works for you – is to get out there and give them a go.

Most have a free or trial service but when it comes to signing up be sure to get the best quality audio you can. You audience will thank you.

Now, go forth and create! I’d recommend you keep this article bookmarked – you never know when an entirely new project might strike, or you’re in need of something different. That can be one of the most exciting elements of DJing – the limit is only as far as your imagination can take you, and now you know there are resources out there to help you every step of the way.

I’ll be adding more DJ music pools in the future as we review more.

DJing help and advice

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