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advanced DJ mixing tutorialsPublished weekly, the Top Show is an exclusive session featuring all manner of electronic music genres, the latest tunes, classic mixes from previous years, interviews with some legendary DJs, guest sessions and much more.

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We’ve been sharing our expertise and knowledge with you and its incredible to see how well its being received.

So we wanted to take it a step further and offer you an exclusive show you can listen to on the go, while you’re on your daily commute, doing a gym workout or getting the party started at the weekend.

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Latest Top Shows

Table of contents

  1. 09 - House Music Champions (Best of March / April 2020)
  2. 08 - Deep Eclectic House Session
  3. 07 - Progressive House Sounds of 2020
  4. 06 - Eclectic Deep and Funky House - EXTENDED mix
  5. 05 - Latino House EXTENDED mix
  6. 04 - Deep House Level 2 - A Deeper sound
  7. 03 - Deep House Session
  8. 02 - Funky House 30 minute mix - 2019 Selection
  9. 01 - Funky House 30 minute mix - Best remixes of 2019